TNFX Sample

This colorway of the early 1990s China model TNFX is a sample. The crazy color ways were a result of experimentation with the style used by competitor, Sypder. Though it worked for many of Spyder's jackets, it wasn't very friendly to the early 1990s buyers of North Face product.
The model pictured is of the full length version, and will have a horizontal thin tag some where on the inside saying "sample". Kinda rare to new buyers of old TNF gear, but if you browse the markets often your quite acquainted with numerous variations of it. All of which are overlooked by the millions that look for TNF gear daily. Prices can be varied, ranging from $20 to $200, the pictured model is currently for sale at only $80. Up to you whether that's a bargain.

Retail Was ? sample
Expect $20 to $200, depending on exact sample TFNX, what color as they're are a few, and the condition of course.
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