1994 North Face Steep Tech Highine

One of the most sought after and rare production lines within the Steep Tech series by The North Face, the "Highline", is extremely rugged. There are a couple different names for this model as well, some call it "Highline", others say "Highlander". No matter how you say it, this model always demands high prices at resale.
Assembled of  Kevlar, 500D Cordura and 330 D Cordura nylon, some had ultrex, some had gore tex. It is accepted that they ran for a very short period of time between 1993 and late 1995; of course with the occasional season over run and promo samples. Many collectors don't even know all the color ways of the series, though black is usually the most sought after. One of the most distinct aspects of this model was in the collar assembly, it was curved to further prevent chin chafe. The series produced jackets, suits, packs, pants, and fleeces; all of which are guaranteed to return value.

Retail was $500 to $1000
Expect $400 to $900 depending on year, color and condition.
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