1995 Pumori Edition Strap Hat

In Sherpa, the term Pumori means unmarried daughter. Why I tell you this, cause Pumori is a mountain that is part of the Himalayan chain in Southwest Asia. The name was coined first by George Mallory, a legendary and extremely controversial English expeditionary, with whom took part in the first three recorded British summits to Mt Everest in the earl 20th century. The nick name kinda relays to how Pumori is attached yet separate from majority of the chain.

During the mid nineties, as with late 80s extreme ski craze, climbers and explorers world wide were tackling any noteworthy north face they could find, while filming it and/or getting big name sponsors. Which in usual fashion TNF had many covered with specialty gear. And again in the usual fashion, production lines and versions of gear made it to public production. Which is where the pictured Pumori hat is comes in. The very rare, at least in mint condition, hat is of USA origin and made in 1995; light items continued to be produced in Ca, while by 1993 majority of heavy items (jackets, etc) where produced over seas. Breath-ability and comfort were the primary features of this model, the strap in the back clinches w/ aid of Velcro, instead of bs snap buttons.

On the back above the strap there is the term in bold embroidery "first snowboard descent", while the front depicts the grade 3 climbs North Face route. These hats are very prized among collectors and the value rises with the color variants.

You'll be pressed to find the coveted Emerald green and/or the salmon colored model; and when it comes to the teal hue expect top dollar. Retail all those years ago was in the $40 to $65 range as it was a limited release. If your fortunate to find a mint one like the above pictured model, expect to pay any where from $20 to $80, with the usual obvious factors. 

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