Late 1980s Cycling Jersey Shirt

Perhaps your old enough to remember these really old cycling shirts in ads and in a few select retailers about twenty years ago. And if not don't worry, this very very rare zip front cyclist vapor wicking shirt is for sale now and could very well be the last time for a long time we see one in such good condition, at a great price.
Released between about in the late 80s, it features the familiar embossed instead of embroidered logos on each sleeve. Remarkably those twenty year old embossing are still intact and not cracking. In addition to the ones on the sleeve there is also one the rear waist clinch. Embossed logos are prized among collectors, many have only seen them on those infamous Mountain Guide models of the era.
Now the funny part about this mint condition model is that it is currently being sold for only about $3, astounding considering the condition and technology that would have made it a $80+ shirt all those years ago. Maybe three dollars is high to you or maybe its not your style, either way a even the new TNF enthusiast can't dispute the deal here. Now where and how its worn outside of cycling completely relies on how much style and confidence the wearer has. And it wouldn't be posted if authenticity was a question.
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