1980s Ski Pants with Yellow Tag

Even though these may put one in mind of Steep Tech bibs, they however are not. They are more over a pair of pants either sold separately or intended to pair with early Vertical jackets from 1986 to 1988. No matter how you slice it, the focal point is in the tags of the bibs. The primary tag is yellow with the O and A marked out, the infamous factory mark down, except this was around the time that TNF began this practice. A practice that confused consumers and hurt sales.

The other noteworthy aspect of the tags is the Gore Tex label, instead of the familiar black w/ multiple contrasting colors or even the white w/ multiple colors, these bibs have one of the earlier versions where it is only white and blue and extremely plain.  Even the lettering is boring and different, they relay a time where even though the color may be loud, the gear was less extravagant, still state of the art compared to rivals, but things where still less embellished and emphasized. All the performance is still there with the gaitors and waterproofing.

Last, the buttons also convey just how in between these pants are, the polished style is rare when compared to the copper and black buttons on gear from that period. The only downside to these is in the owner ruining the label with there name, which is a practice I can't really stand, why write your name in the gear, if someone wants it bad enough do you really think seeing a name on the tag prevents theft? Anyway, since it was originally a mark down, retail is unknown and resell value is just as unknown as well. Best as an addition to your factory sample pieces.

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