The Rage Line

The Rage series began a long time ago back in the mid 1980's and was almost all produced in the USA. Rage was a line of heavy while exuberant fleeces, sweaters, pullovers and a few more entry level items. Down right ugly to many, which is why a lot of TNF wearers don't like to talk about the line. While the vast majority that are still young have never even heard of the Rage series. Every piece was reminiscent of the Aztec line, where as each item featured some kind of ridiculous print; sometimes the print and color way worked while other  times it was plain old disgusting.
 The model featured is an late 80s model in aqua teal with the hard to distinguish Aztec blue/purple, this model is one of the more tasteful yet still a bit much versions of the pullover fleece. The loft used back then was very thick and heavy, almost like wearing two Denali's in one with out those lovely pit vent either. Made for only the most demanding cold weather traverses. Some did come with gore tex and even ultrex in the early nineties, but by about 1994 the line had run it's course.
Some are very rare while others are always available on the online markets. The one pictured is of an seldom offered for sale model, and is of the USA pedigree. Finding a buyer is hard press for any colorway/model, so it is advised to be kept as a heavy duty layer or a part of YOUR collection.

Retail $79 to $249 depending on year and model
Expect $ 20 to $50 if your lucky.
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