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If your the owner of any year or any model of North Face jackets( gear in general), it would be ideal to protect and care for it so it will not only last but look good while aging. That said, just throwing your pieces in the washer/dryer can be a daunting prospect. Sure you could abide by the tags and wash in the washer on cold inside out, however this may not get your item clean and worse it can damage the waterproof fabric and coating applied to the shell. So unless you have doubles or have OCD and keep everything in completely mint condition, you will need something safe to clean your gear.
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Majority if not all of TNF jackets, pants, etc, will have a factory applied DWR coating, which is simply a waterproof special liquid mix or wax that is sprayed on to further aide the gears ability to disperse and repel water/moister; keeps you dry in other words. Franky the only and best brand of fabric care for your gear is Nikwax, professionals have known this for the better part of 30 years now. Developed in the late 1970s and released in England, this special brand of fiber care produces a product for virtually every waterproofing need. Tech wash, ironically enough, will wash your gear and remove those ugly chalk marks that dabbing with a rag can't remove, all without harming those sensitive water repelling materials. While the base wash will gently clean and renew anything waterproof, again without being abrasive. And finally, the TX Direct formula is a DWR coating that can be applied while you are literally still in the elements, apposed to other brands DWR that has to sit and dry before use.
 A true revolution in waterproof fabric care, Nikwax should be the only thing you use to get your gear clean and keep it dry. Check out there store for the full product line and the story behind this remarkable brand here at their site NikWax
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