Mid 1990s Extreme Pullover shell

1995 Extreme "Lakers" Shell
During the mid nineties TNF gear became considerably more robust and technical. The extreme series peaked around this point, jackets like the model pictured, had to satisfy the most demanding consumers.  Mainly because more and more consumers began going pro and extreme,  so all gear had to be improved and state of the art. The model pictured is from that error and is an very heavy pullover shell, an Asia model that which some came from China and majority from Indonesia.
This model features stow away hood, inner stow pockets, four outer front pockets, gore tex fabric(some did escape with ultrex) and an colorway reminiscent of the Los Angeles Lakers team. Extremes from the mid 1990 are rare and valuable compared to the early 90s and late 80s models. This model would have been expensive when it first arrived on the scene and retains its value well. Other color ways of the model pictured include Emerald green and Aztec blue. Mid 1990s extremes rarely come up on auction sites and when they do bidders often bid high and ask many questions. If you own a rarer color way hold on to it for a few more years before even considering selling, these are more rare than the steep techs of the period.
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Retail was $399
Expect $140 to $500 obviously depending on color and condition.

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