The Aztec Vest

Mid 1980s Aztec Print Vest
Very rare USA model vest, part of the Aztec line that produced sweaters, vest, pullovers and more with a Indian like pattern all over. Some pieces of the Aztec print line are easy to find, like the sweaters and light pullover models. The awesome model pictured is of an 80's made light fleece vest, featuring a diamond patterned quilt on the inside with lite insulate. As rare as this model is it will still have a hard time going for anything over $30, and that's regardless of the colorway. The Aztec motif models are not really haloed among enthusiasts online and if you own anything of the line hold on to it. Since this series debuted in the 1980s and until the early 90s, it is accepted that every piece was USA made in CA.
Also, note how this model has the "O" marked out, everyone knows about this on new models and how it denotes a factory second or sample. However, since this model was produced in the mid 80's it would have been with the first seasons North Face tried the idea with; this was a point in the company history where the original owners where still calling the shots and this factory second idea was very confusing to the public when it first came out. The idea made buyers question if it is the best gear on the market, why sell substandard variations, that also lacked the acclaimed lifetime warranty?
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Retail was $59
Expect $15 to $30

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