The original "Bubble Coat"

1970s Goose Down
The original purpose built expedition/mountain jacket was the North Face Goose Down. Also is believed to be one of the first jacket models produced, some speculate it is. Features include detachable hood, genuine 550 goose down loft for insulation. Some models included very early version of the haloed Gore Tex fabric, a water proof breathable material.  Two inner pockets, and four shell pockets. These days, this model doesn't receive much attention from collectors, which translates to lower market prices; but that is in the event you find one in nice and complete condition. Rare colors include Fuchsia, Teal, and deep purple. Essentially the original bubble coat, older explorers will often still have theirs well after 30 years since its original release, a testament to the brands quality even when they were independent.
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Retail was $149 to $249
Now Expect $50 to $149 depending on color and completion.

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