Internal Frame Hiking Pack

1970's Internal Frame Hiking Pack
Back in the seventies, before gear so ridiculous high tech, North Face produced more rugged simple products. Then the brand was primarily producing Premium Tents, Hardware, Sleeping Bags, Goose Downs, Packs and booties. When leather was genuine, when canvas was thick, even the goose downs had real goose loft. The model pictured is about a 1976 internal frame model, which equates to the smaller hiking pack, featuring an anodized aluminum frame. Large brown label on the front and inside, with Made in the USA on each tag. These models were originally sold for $99 new, and can be found on the online markets at reasonable prices. Color and condition play a huge factor in the resell value, but after over thirty years it's truly vintage.
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Retail was $99 new
Online Markets $20 to $110

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