1989 Trans Antarctica Pullover

1989 Trans Antarctica Pullover
From the infamous TA line, this pullover is the standard shell production model. Released over twenty years ago, finding in mint condition is truly a task and a waiting game. However, when one of any color pops up, bidders come in full effect. Prices can vary widely, from $150 to $700, depending on condition, size, and color.
(Camera Flash in second Pictures makes it appear brighter in places)
The model pictured went for about $200 a few months back, but was poorly promoted and was a fast auction; if word was out seller may have received a lot more, which is also the case with a purple model being sold now. Many enthusiasts have never seen this model cause there so used to the standard teal parka Trans. Model is made in the USA.
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Retail was $500
Expect Now $100 to $800 depending on color and demand.

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