1994 Mountain Guide Jacket

1994 Mountain Guide Jacket
Since around 1988, the mountain guide jacket has served countless explorers, hikers, and urban youth. The model pictured is an 1994 Asia manufactured jacket. The fabric used in this model instead of the usual gore tex, was an, then new, version called Gore Activent.
Which essentially was the same as the regular gore tex fabric, however was a notably more breathable version. Models from 1993 to about 1996 featured this version of the innovative fabric.  This year would have been the last for screen printed Logo's, after which the more reliable embroidered logos were used on the outer shell.
The model pictured was around $300 new and usually sells on the markets between $20 and $170, obviously condition and color play huge factor. More rare color ways include aqua teal, Aztec purple, and emerald green. Guide models usually came already equipped with buttoned in matching Denali fleeces, the light version usually did not, but was not unheard of.
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Retail was $300 to $400
Now Expect $20 to $200 depending on color and condition, especially if a USA model prices will go up.

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