Official National Park Service Uniform Vest

Possibly one of the rarest tags you'll find and even better the owner had sense enough not to write a name on it. About thirty-to-thirty five years ago when The North Face was still independent, they found much business in sponsoring or providing exclusive and purpose built gear to Police, Park Rangers and such. This model is one of which that was intended for use by the Official National Park Service. A uniform piece if you will.

Made back when the brown label was the token, this one is insulated for optimal warmth, then they used real insulation instead of synthetic. For an over thirty year old vest it has held remarkably well and for one intended for out door use at that. The only signs of wear are around the collar, where there are those infamous chalk marks. Even though the tags say W for women, a dude can easily throw it on with no suspicion. As for price, who knows? Anything intended for official use will not have its value fully disclosed to the public, its between the factory and State, in this case Tennessee. Now however the price is clearly defined, the seller is willing to part with it for only $40. A steal for the history and condition.

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