How to find out when your North Face was made:

Date Code
If your ever curious as to what year your gear was made check the tags. All gear manufactured after 1985 has enough information on the tag to determine what season/year it is from. For example, the picture above shows the tag of a model that was made in the USA, in this case the numbers on the left indicate style code, while the numbers to the right of the slash indicate season/year; so 3 means March and the 1 equates to 1991. Models assembled in the US follow the above season format, while
models from Asia released in the mid 1990s will simply show the season/year code on the back of the tag at the bottom. In the picture above, 3 is March, 5 means 1995 model. However during the big move many China models didn't display season/year anywhere on the tags. Such the 1993 TNFX models, below is tag:
 Instead the season/year data was found the inside of the buttons, this only occurred during 1992 to 1994 for many Asia produced models: check the picture below:
Button is from a 1993 TNFX model, 8 denotes August, while the 3 relays 1993. The H.K. denotes that is an Hong Kong made limited release, more than likely never saw U.S. retailers/market.
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