About the 1989-1990 Trans Antarctica Series

As the story goes, back in 1989 6 men from 6 different nations, and 36 sled dogs decided to go on an historic expedition across Antarctica's vast unmapped region. The team included USA, China, Great Britain, Russia, France, and Japan. The journey took approximately 220 days and was completed in March 1990.  Having survived temperatures of -150 degrees, blizzards, extreme threat of frost bite, and four hour long day periods; the team went down in history as being the first to traverse the continent on foot.

To further commemorate the legacy, The North Face who was there sponsor, released production versions of the gear that the crew wore. The line included fleeces, parkas, shirts, pants, suits, and even gloves. Anyone selling mint condition stock of this line is extremely seldom, however when jackets due hit the auctions prices often rival what they cost new. Almost 100 percent of the line was made in the U.S.A, with the exception of a few pullovers made in Korea and Hong Kong. As recent as 2008 retro versions of the line were released to commemorate the brand 40th anniversary. Retro models include fleeces, jackets, and bags; most of which are Japan only releases that cost about $600 to import.
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Read and Learn about the dude that led the expedition, all rights reserved to respective owner's: Will Steger http://www.willsteger.com/content/section/19/97

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